About us

“Collaboration for Democracy” Centre

“Collaboration for Democracy” Centre (CFDC) was founded in 1997. It was registered in Ministry if Justice in 1997 and was re-registered in 1999 and 2004. From the start the organization has implemented a large number of programs in the spheres of human rights, ecology and judiciary-legal reforms.

The organization cooperates with OSCE, OSI FA, Embassy of the Netherlands in Armenia and Georgia, Council of Europe and other international organizations.

“Collaboration for Democracy” Centre is the member of “The Partnership for Open Society”.

The organization has a got a private TV studio where 8 30-mintute documental films were shot. It has also organized a number TV Shows.

The organization also conducts and publishes books and magazines. Since September 2007 it publishes “Religion and Society” quarterly magazine.


The Chairman of the organization is

Mr. Stepan Danielyan


Address: 45, Baghramyan St., apt. 14

Yerevan, Armenia

Tel: (+37410) 22 36 97

Mob: (+37491) 41 53 89